7. Environment (2)

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

To minimise our environmental footprint, the packaging used by You Plate It is compostable and made from corn starch or cellulose. Where ingredients have been pre-packed by our suppliers (primarily meats and fish), we try to encourage biodegradable packaging but in some cases it is not available. The insulated liner and ice pack we use to keep your food fresh are not biodegradable so we encourage you to leave them out for our driver to collect and we will responsibly recycle them.

What do you do to protect the environment?

We’re serious about the environment and help to protect it in three important ways: reducing food waste, using responsible packaging and minimising food transport. On average, Australians throw away 136kg of food per person per year – we are helping to reduce this by supplying food in the exact amounts needed. To reduce food packaging waste we use compostable packaging wherever possible and re-use our non-degradable boxes. Much of the food in our major supermarkets travel 1000’s of kilometres before reaching our tables, we focus on local ingredients to reduce transport and the resulting carbon output.

1. The Service (7)

Who are you guys?

You Plate It was started by Mark & Paul two mates from Perth who met during a career in banking. We have both experienced the challenges of eating healthy and interesting food after a long day at work. We are are passionate about food and believe cooking a delicious dinner at home should be easy.

Can I choose the recipes I get?

Yes! This is what makes YouPlate.it special. Every week we create 6 new recipes and post them on our website. You can then select the recipes you’d like for the next week and add them to your menu. Remember to make your selection before the cut-off time.

What if I forget to choose my recipes for the week? Will you still send me a box?

Yes we will still send your box. If you haven’t made a selection by the cut off time we will send you our chef’s selection.

Why should I choose You Plate It over similar services?

Choice! Most other grocery services don’t let you choose your meals – convenient for them but not so great if you don’t like what’s on the menu that week. We want you to be 100% happy so we let you choose the recipes you receive.

How many meals are in a box?

We have 2 subscription sizes: you can choose either 2 meals or 4 meals each week. When you sign up you can choose how many you want, but you can also change this at anytime.

How does the You Plate It subscription work?

Each week we send you a box with your selection of recipes and all the ingredients you need to cook the meals. Each plate is designed to be a well-balanced, healthy meal.  In addition, each delivery comes with printed recipe cards and step-by-step instructions.

How do I choose my recipes?

To choose your recipes you first need to have an active subscription and be logged into our site.

  1. Login to your account, you might already be logged in if your using the computer you signed up on
  2. Go to “This Week’s Recipes’, at the top of the site
  3. Click on the bar below the recipes you want to add
  4. Press “Confirm Menu”

how to select recipes


3. Ingredients (6)

What’s special about You Plate It ingredients?

We focus on selecting the freshest local ingredients. We believe the best produce comes from right here in WA and whenever possible we choose local ingredients. Because we believe cooking at home should be fun, we will incorporate new and interesting flavours to your dinners.

What ingredients do you assume I have?

We assume you have oil, butter, salt, pepper, eggs and milk. We provide everything else.

How long will the ingredients stay fresh for?

Our meals are designed to stay fresh for the week in which you order them. However, we always recommend cooking fish and seafood first to make sure it remains at its peak freshness.

Should I wash my vegetables before cooking with them?

Yes, we recommend that you wash all of your vegetables before cooking them.

I have a food allergy, should I order from You Plate It?

No! We take great care to ensure our food is packed safely, however, all of our boxes are assembled in the same processing facility. As a result, we do not recommend you order if you have a food allergy of any kind or severity.

Where do you get your ingredients?

Our focus is on quality, fresh and local ingredients. Take a look at some of our key suppliers. For fresh produce we try to get our food from local suppliers and where possible deal direct with growers. Our dry ingredients come from a range of suppliers and some are imported.

2. The Food (5)

Is the food nutritious?

Yes we design each meal to provide a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Each serve is approximately 2100-2900kj (500-700 calories)

Will you offer additional options?

Over time, we plan to introduce additional plans and choice to accommodate dietary restrictions. If there is a specific plan you are interested in, let us know via email and we’ll try to add it soon.

Is this suitable for vegetarians?

Yes. Each week we have 2 recipes that are vegetarian.  All you need to do is select our vegetarian box when you sign-up. Because we only have 2 vegetarian recipes each week, you won’t be able to choose your recipes, but if you ever want to swap a recipe send us an email and we can arrange it for you.

How do the recipes change?

We’re constantly changing the recipes so that you get new and exciting food every week. We also design our recipes around current seasonal produce.

Does this suit kids?

All kids are different. Some really like the variety whilst some can be particularly fussy – take a look at our recipes and give it a go for one week.

4. Delivery (7)

What is the cut off time?

Because we plan our recipes in advance, we require 3-4 days advanced notice of any changes. You need to make all changes to your subscription before Wednesday midnight (WST), this includes cancelling or putting your subscription on hold, as well selecting the recipes you want.

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to select suburbs in the Perth Metro area. Please see our delivery areas.

When will my box arrive?

We deliver between 12 & 6pm on Sundays.

However, an accurate delivery time is emailed to you on the Friday before delivery. Remember, you don’t need to be home to receive your food, our specially insulated box is designed to keep all food fresh and refrigerated until midnight on the day of delivery.

Will my food stay fresh in transit?

Yes, each box is carefully packaged with cool packs and insulated liners to stay fresh for several hours after your delivery arrives. However, we recommend you put the contents in your refrigerator as soon as possible for best results.

What happens if I am not home?

If you aren’t home, our delivery person will generally leave the package for you at your door. Since our food is packaged with insulated liners and cool packs, it will remain cold and fresh for you until you get home later that evening. When you create your account you can add delivery instructions such as to leave the package in a shady place or at a neighbours.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is, and always will be, free!

My box didn’t arrive, what should I do?

Sorry to hear that. Contact us and we’ll look after you.

5. Cooking (3)

Do I need any special equipment?

All you need is the standard pots, pans, knives, stove and oven.

How long should it take to cook each meal?

All our recipes are designed to be cooked in 35 minutes or less.

Do I need to be a good cook?

No, we’ve designed the recipes to be easy to follow with step by step instructions. Even a beginner should be able to follow the instructions and by trying new recipes and techniques you’ll probably find your skills improve.

6. Subscriptions (14)

How do I reactivate my subscription?

To reactivate a subscription, you need to:

1) Log-in to My-Account

2) Press “View” next to your cancelled subscription in the section title “subscriptions”

3) Confirm you’d like to restart this and press “Reactivate”

4) Check your delivery address, enter any new/special instructions

5) Select your payment card and enter the CVV, or add a new payment card

6) Press “Sign Up Now”

Don’t forget, your You Plate It subscription is flexible and you can skip weeks and plan your deliveries using the calendar in My-Account.

Need help? Send us an email contact @ youplate.it

How do I use my coupon or discount code?

Once you’ve selected the box you would like, go to the checkout page.

  • On the checkout page, click the link “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”.
  • Enter your coupon code into the box that drops down.
  • Press “Apply Coupon”.

At the bottom of the page you will be able to see that the total cost has reduced by the amount of the coupon. If you have any problems using your coupon please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on our Contact Page and we’ll help you out.

How to apply coupon

Does my subscription auto-renew?

Yes, we will send you weekly deliveries, but there is no minimum commitment. You can skip a delivery or cancel your subscription at any time before the cut off.

When is the cut off time for cancelling or skipping a scheduled order?

Because we plan our meals in advance, we require 3-4 days advanced notice for skipping weeks or cancelling an account. The cut off is Wednesday midnight (WST).

How do I skip a week?

If you are going on vacation or don’t want a delivery, you can skip that week before the cut off (Wednesday midnight).

To do this:

  1. Log-on to My Account
  2. Using the calendar that is visible, select the Sunday(s) you would like to skip – you will see the colour change from green to red to indicate that no delivery will be made
  3. Press “Save” to confirm changes (you must press save to confirm your changes)
  4. Check your email for a confirmation that will detail your next delivery

Pause function

Having issues? Need help? Send us an email.

Is there a minimum subscription length?

There is no minimum subscription length, and you can cancel at any time before the weekly cut-off.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, login to your account and in “my subscriptions” you will see a button to cancel. Or you can email our customer service team before the weekly cut off.

Can I order once off or do I have to subscribe?

We offer a trial box as a one off for new customers, the recipes in this box are the chef’s selection for the week. Our subscription option’s let you choose your meals and you can cancel and restart at anytime so you are never locked in.

How do I pay?

We accept Mastercard and Visa debit or credit cards.

Why was my credit card charged $1?

The $1 transaction is an authorisation that our merchant system does to verify your card. Even though the transaction is voided right away, some banks don’t recognise our void requests and a pending $1 charge can sometimes linger on a customer’s statement. The authorisation will fall off your statement within a few business days and no money will actually be debited from your account.

How do I update my credit card?

Please update your payment details as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss a delivery. To do so login to My Account and press the Change Payment Method button under My Subscriptions. Then follow the prompts to enter a new credit card.

How do I change my address?

Login to My Account and click “change address” under “my subscriptions”. Do this before the cut off time and we’ll make sure your box gets to you.

How do I join?

Simply go to Sign Up. Select the box that best suits you. Choose the number of meals you would like delivered, and then fill in your details. Remember, you need to sign up before the cut off to receive your delivery on Sunday.

What does it cost?

2 meals for 2 people is $65 per week

4 meals for 2 people is $99 per week


2 meals for 4 people is $99 per week

4 meals for 4 people is $175 per week

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