BBQ Chicken Thighs with Coleslaw & Buttery Sautéed Corn
  • Prep time: 40 minutes
  • Calories: 650
This tasty dish has a bit of everything! The BBQ chicken is quick and delicious, pair this with a crunchy coleslaw plus buttered sautéed corn and you have a truly inspiring dinner! If you can, marinade this one the night before - it's well worth it. Don't forget to share the moment you plate it on Instagram or Facebook #youplateit
  • 1 Garlic Clove
  • 2 Sweet Corn Cob
  • 1 Carrot
  • 0.25 Red Cabbage
  • 3 Chicken Thighs (skinless)
  • 60 Grams of YPI Barbeque Marinade
  • 1 Small Bunch of Flatleaf Parsley
  • 2 Tablespoons of Butter (pantry)

Prepare Ingredients:

Preheat the oven to 220°C (or turn on your BBQ). Pat dry the chicken with paper towel. Marinate the chicken using our BBQ marinade for at least 10 minutes, preferably over night. Wash the fresh produce. Peel and mince the garlic. Remove the husks and silks from the corn. Using a knife, cut the kernels off the cobs. Peel and grate the carrot using a box grater. Core and thinly slice the cabbage. Pick parsley leaves and roughly chop, discarding stems.

Make Slaw:

In a large bowl, combine the carrot, cabbage and a light drizzle of olive oil. Season with salt and pepper to taste and toss to coat.

Cook Chicken:

Remove chicken from marinade. Place chicken on a lined baking tray (or BBQ grill), and drizzle with a little olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Roast in the oven for about 15 - 20 minutes (or 10 - 15 minutes on the BBQ), or until browned and cooked through.

Cook Corn:

In a large pan, melt the butter on medium-high. Add the garlic and corn and cook 1 - 2 minutes, or until tender, stirring occasionally. Season with salt and pepper to taste, then remove from the heat.

You Plate It:

Divide the coleslaw and corn between plates. Top each with the delicious BBQ chicken and parsley. Enjoy!