Moroccan Chicken Meatballs with Mint Couscous, Tomato & Cauliflower
  • Prep time: 35 minutes
  • Calories: 520
It's no secret that we are lovers of Moroccan flavours - and from the feedback we receive, it seems you guys are fans too! In this recipe, we have hidden some zucchini in the chicken meatballs, along with some green olives and spices for a bit of punch. Our minted pearl couscous comes with a tomato and cauliflower sauce and rounds it all out - midweek dinner done right! Share the moment #youplateit with us on Instagram and Facebook. #nomorewhatsfordinner
  • 1 Brown Onion
  • 220 Grams of Chicken Mince
  • 0.5 Cups of Panko Bread Crumbs
  • 2 Teaspoons of Ras El Hanout
  • 1 350 Gram Pack of Lampomodoro (Passata)
  • 2 Garlic Clove
  • 1 Teaspoons of Smoked Paprika
  • 0.5 Cups of Israeli Couscous
  • 1 Small Bunch of Mint
  • 1 Zucchini
  • 50 Grams of Green Olives (pitted)
  • 0.25 Cauliflower

Prepare Ingredients:

Preheat oven to 200°C. Wash the fresh produce. Peel and small dice ¾ of the onion (you will have left over). Peel and mince garlic. Pick mint leaves and roughly chop, discarding stems. Trim zucchini, cut length ways and scrape out the seeds, grate on a box grater. Roughly chop olives. Trim cauliflower and cut into small, bite size florets. (TIP: if you want the vegetables to be really well hidden in the meatballs, you can blitz it in the food processor).

Start Sauce:

Heat olive oil in a pan (enough to cover base) over medium heat. Add garlic, onion, smoked paprika and cauliflower florets and sauté for 2 minutes, until fragrant. Add passata. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 10 - 12 minutes, until cauliflower is tender.

Make & Bake Meatballs:

In a large bowl, combine the chicken mince, onion, garlic, zucchini, breadcrumbs, green olives and Ras El Hanout; season with salt and pepper. Mix gently to combine. Using your hands, form the mixture into about 8 - 12 equal sized balls and place on a lined baking tray. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes.

Cook Couscous:

In a pot, heat a little olive oil (enough to cover the base). Add couscous, toasting 2 - 3 minutes before adding ½ cup of water. Bring to the boil. Add lid, then reduce to simmer. Stir occasionally, 8 - 10 minutes, until all the liquid has been absorbed (Tip: if you don't have a lid, foil will do). Once cooked, fluff couscous with a fork. Add chopped mint and season with salt and pepper. (NOTE: Israeli couscous has more of an al dente taste when cooked).

Add Meatballs:

Add chicken meatballs to the sauce. Simmer for a further 2 minutes, stirring to coat.

You Plate It:

Divide minted couscous between plates and top with chicken meatballs and sauce. Garnish with any remaining mint and enjoy!