3 Benefits of Having a Quality Meal

A trend of the modern world is that quality home-cooked meals are being sacrificed because of long hours at work, inconvenient grocery stores, and the stress of planning what to eat. This trend has meant we are spending less time cooking and less time sharing kitchen experiences with with our family or friends.
We believe there is not need to sacrifice the pleasure and taste of a quality home-cooked dinner and have identified 3 benefits of cooking a “quality meal” at home:

1.Better relationship with family and friends
According to research conducted by Smart Beginnings, “Family is the single most important influence in a child’s life. Parents and family form a child’s first relationships”. It is in our family that our values and principles get nurtured and developed. Regular family meals provide opportunities for the family to develop better communication (Lyttle & Baugh, 2008). Therefore, it’s natural that a quality meal helps to build stronger family ties.

For couples, doing an activity with your partner can help you both feel more connected and happier. You may even be surprised with your partner for helping to cook a healthy dish and share a new experience together. (Young, 2015).

We shorten the preparation time in cooking delicious and healthy recipes because we portion ingredients and provide everything you need. With 20-35 minutes, your family can enjoy a quality meal while catching up after a long day at work or school.

2. Keep us driven to try new recipes
We love that feeling of excitement you get when serving a new and interesting meal at your dinner table. With different recipes each week, we help people to be motivated and try something new for their family or partner. We gather the freshest local ingredients from local suppliers and farmers. We provide unique ingredients that you haven’t tried before, and introduce new styles of cooking.

3. Releases stress
Cooking is a very calming ritual. It’s a different kind of stress relief, but one that helps to take the mind away from the pressures of the day. Unfortunately, however, because of the stress involved with shopping and deciding what to cook, many simply never start. We know, from experience, that it is a stress when you have to think about what to cook or where to shop after work. Picking up ingredients at the grocery store will eat-up your time for cooking or relaxing. We have worked hard to build a product that will reduce stress by delivering everything at your doorstep and lessen the burden of thinking about your meal plan. When the barriers to cooking are removed, you can enjoy the natural stress relief of cooking.

For almost 2 years now, we’ve been designing and delivering easy and delicious recipe kits. It is our passion for sharing a quality meal pushed us to build a service that helps make cooking meals at home more convenient. We think you deserve a rest from grocery shopping, long queues and the hassle of meal planning.

So you see, cooking at home can be easy, convenient and beneficial. All you need is the right tools, motivation, and of course You Plate It.