3 kitchen essentials you should have

Whether you’re a kitchen newbie, or a home cooking pro, there are some kitchen essentials which every home should have. These are the tools that will make it easier for you to prepare and cook delicious meals at home.

We’ve gathered our top 3 kitchen essentials:

1. A 12 inch chef’s knife
The most essential equipment you should invest in is a good quality knife. Of all the options available, a quality 12-inch chef’s knife is the most versatile type – useful for almost any chopping task. When buying a knife, it’s important to get one with a rigid blade and comfortable balanced handle. Check how it feels when you’re holding it. We recommend a mid-range Victorinox like this Chef’s 12″ Blade; it’s well balanced, has a comfortable handle and is super easy to maintain.

2. A quality non-stick frying pan
If you could have only one pan (and just to be clear, we think that’s a silly idea :-), we suggest getting non-stick. They’re easy to use and will help give a uniform distribution of heat, which makes cooking faster. When you’re looking for a quality pan, first check that it has a thick bottom and a sturdy handle. We recommend this 11” Swiss Diamond Pan with Lid that has high edges that allow for more versatile uses.

3. A box grater
One of the most useful kitchen essentials is a box grater. A box grater is an easy way to quickly prepare ingredients. It’s best to invest in a quality grater, something that will last infinitely longer than a $2 special from Coles. Your grater should have a strong metal construction, it should have sharp and deep grater holes, and should have at least 2 size of grating/shredding holes. We recommend the 5 in 1 Microplane Box Grater.

Having the right equipment is going to speed up you cooking, make your ingredients more consistent, and give you confidence in the kitchen. Happy cooking!