5 Vegetables in Season in WA Right Now

Western Australia has some of the most fertile and productive land in the world. Clean water, fresh air and arable soil allow us to enjoy world-best produce all year round. As winter nears its end, we’ve picked our 5 favourite vegetables that are perfect for the change of season period.

5 Vegetables in season right now

Celeriac – This is the ‘frog-prince’ of winter vegetables. Pare away its warty exterior and you’ll uncover a royal vegetable within. Celeriac is the perfect substitute for potatoes and other starches in soups or stews, but we think it’s even better when prepared as a traditional French side salad. Try it in our apple and celeriac slaw. 

Parsnip – Closely related to the carrot and parsley, parsnip is a root vegetable that takes one year to complete its growth cycle from seed to harvest. High in potassium and antioxidants it is also a great source of dietary fibre. Try it in our one-pan vegetable lasagna.

Cauliflower – Manjimup, in the Southern Forests region, is Australia’s largest producer of cauliflower and at one stage accounted for almost 80% of the countries cauliflower exports. The cauliflower reproduces by seed and takes 12 months from germination to harvest. To enjoy its earthy flavours, taste our delicious quinoa casserole with brussels sprouts and cauliflower.

Brussels sprouts – Forerunners to the modern brussels sprout were likely cultivated in ancient Rome. However, the brussels sprout as we known it was developed in about the 13th century in what is modern day Belgium. We think they’re delicious honey roasted and served with steak.

Leek – The leek is a titan of the onion family, but one of the challenges when cooking with them is that they are almost always dirty. This dirt is a product of the way they are grown, with soil piled up around them to shade the leek from the sun. We love them in this pan roasted fish with melted leeks and roasted baby potatoes with thyme.