You Plate It vs. the Supermarkets – We Save you 20%

Proof that good service doesn’t always cost more.

Because planning a weeks worth of healthy and delicious dinners is hard work and remembering to buy all the ingredients almost impossible, the weekly food shop is as tedious as it is difficult.  Joining You Plate It gives you the unique opportunity to have a team of people who are passionate about their food do all the work for you. Each week, we create 6 new and exciting recipes, you then choose the 4 or 2 (depending on your subscription) you want.  Each recipe is a balanced meal between 500-700 calories per plate.  We pre-portion the ingredients and provide almost everything you need, which means there is less food waste and you can plate a delicious dinner in around 35 minutes.

Having your weeks menu planned and the shopping done is convenient, but we wanted to show it’s also affordable.  I finally put my legal and economics degrees to good use and crunched the numbers.  I estimate you save 20% when compared to the supermarkets.

Here are the 4 recipes we looked at and all the ingredients you get delivered (these were the recipes we delivered on Sunday 14 Sept):

You Plate It vs the supermarkets


It would cost $119.06 to buy the ingredients from a supermarket and have them delivered (supermarket delivery costs about $11):

Price comparison tables

At $99 delivered, You Plate It would save you 20%!