Do you skip meals?

Have you ever skipped a meal? You’re not alone! 56% percent of Australians say they regularly skip 1-3 meals a week. And what’s the reason we’re skipping meals? The key reason people give is that they are too busy, or have overslept.

Although we are skipping meals, we don’t want our family to miss out. According to Melanie McGrice, one of Australia’s leading dieticians, it’s still important for us to have our family sitting around the table eating together. Despite this desire, because of busy schedules and a lack of meal planning, the way many Australian families eat has changed. Unfortunately, the classic family dinner is becoming less common.

Your mood can be affected when you skip meals. When your brain is not well fed, your mood changes, you can become more irritable and foggy. You’re also more likely to get crazy food cravings that you can’t resist, making you eat more next time.

You might think that if you skip a meal you’ll lose weight, yep it’s proven, but there’s a catch. You’ll most likely drop weight in the short term, but eventually gain back dangerous belly fat, because when you skip meals, those lost kilos are from your muscles, not fat (Ohio State University, 2012). There are some advantages in skipping meals, but losing weight isn’t one of them.

We’ve all been there: losing weight is the number one priority, however, skipping meals is not the answer. For starters, it might cause your blood sugar levels to dive. Sugar is fuel for your body, and if the body doesn’t get the proper amount, your whole body will not function well. Your metabolism slows, and the next food you eat isn’t burned efficiently.

Our suggestion? Don’t skip your meals. Eat regularly, eat food that will sustain your body with energy throughout the day. Remember, having a healthy body and mind has a healthy heart ♥.

Happy eating!