How Do We Save You 20% Compared to The Supermarkets?

Since doing a comparison of You Plate It versus the Supermarkets, which you can read here,  we’ve been asked to explain how we are able to save our customers money as well as provide quality ingredients and service.  The answer comes down to 3 key reasons;

Firstly, we have amazing suppliers who we deal with directly to reduce handling and logistics costs;

Secondly, we don’t have the overheads of a high profile retail store and all the costs associated with staffing and running a supermarket;

Finally, we reduce food waste and supply the right amount of ingredients you need for a recipe.

These three reasons (and many more) mean we can save you 20% when compared to shopping for the same menu at your local supermarket. More important than saving money is the quality of what we provide.  We work closely with Perth’s finest fresh produce providers to ensure we supply the very best.  It costs us a little more to buy high quality ingredients, but we are passionate about our food and want to give our customers the best.  We work by the motto, “we only give our customers what we would give our mums – the very best”.  Our members save money, get high quality produce and have a team of dedicated food lovers preparing their weeks menu.  We look forward to more people joining the food revolution and enjoying the many benefits of You Plate It.

You Plate It vs the supermarkets