Ingredient Spotlight: Farro

Farro, also known as emmer, is one of the oldest wheat grains still being used. Popular in parts of Europe, it is often used as an ingredient in salads and soups. It has a subtle earthy flavour, and although prepared by cooking in water until soft, it retains a unique and delicious crunchiness.

In addition to tasting delicious, Farro has a number of health benefits that justify using it more often in our cooking.

As a wheat, Farro contains a high level of fibre, which is good for the heart. Fibre also helps in regulating your blood sugar and lowering cholesterol.

Farro is high in vitamin B which can help to stabilise blood sugar and aids the regulation of cholesterol. With a low GI, Farro helps in maintaining high energy levels and it’s packed with goodies that help brain function so you can stay focused and feel full for longer.

Farro can be difficult to buy in generic supermarkets, but it is grown right here in Australia and is available under several recognised brands. If you want something new but healthy, subscribe to this week’s recipe – Salmon Fillet with Salsa Verde and Orange, and Spinach and Farro Salad.

Salmon Fillets with Salsa Verde with Orange, Spinach & Farro Salad