Ingredient Spotlight: Mushroom

Researches from Oregon State University uncovered evidence to suggest that in ancient Roman and ancient Egypt, mushrooms were reserved for royal families. The theory is that there was a belief mushrooms heralded super-human strength.

This belief from Ancient times is not without merit. We now know that all mushrooms, including the common white button mushroom, assist in removing excess oestrogen circulating in our body. Published medical studies have linked this property with significantly reduced breast cancer cell growth and reproduction. They may not be super-human, but ancient and modern scientists agree that Mushrooms sure can help in maintaining a healthy body.

For cooking, mushroom are used in dishes because of their distinct flavours and an ability to blend well with other flavours. For a new and different way of using mushrooms, our Char Siu Mushroom Buns are a fantastic way to get more mushrooms in your life.

Char Siu Inspired Mushroom Buns with Fresh Peanut Cucumber Salad