Why You Should Try a Recipe Kit Subscription Service

1. They save you money

Sure, the weekly price tag might seem a little steep at first, but when you consider how much buying everything for a new recipe would cost, the price is justified. We estimate a recipe subscription service like ours can save you 20% on your weekly shop (and that doesn’t include all the unnecessary purchases we make when shopping). You Plate It buys ingredients directly from farmers and in bulk from wholesalers and artisans, so we’re able to pass on savings to our customers. Plus, with each plate costing as little as $10.94, the price is less than even the most basic restaurant.

2. They save you time


A recipe kit service will save you time in three key areas: Firstly, in the time and effort it takes to research and plan meals; secondly, by reducing trips to the supermarket; and finally, packaging the ingredients required for a recipe will save time searching your pantry and fridge for ingredients. This makes a recipe kit service perfect for busy people, or people who value their time. Although a recipe kit meals still requires cooking, even a kitchen novice can prepare a restaurant quality meal with fresh local ingredients in less than an hour.

3. They teach you something new


We all love to try new things right? A recipe kit is the perfect way to try a new recipe or a new ingredient. Because we source our ingredients from a depth of suppliers and farmers, we are able to provide unique ingredients – things you can’t find at Woolworths. The recipes are carefully designed to allow home cooks to use and combine ingredients in delicious and new ways.

4. They cut down on food waste

In a You Plate It recipe kit, you get the exact amount of an ingredient you need – no more jars of sauce going bad or spinach going limp in the fridge. This substantially reduces food waste as well as reducing packaging waste. Read here about how our compostable packaging is helping to reduce the plastic waste generated from a typical household grocery visit.

5. They connect you with better ingredients


We believe WA is home to the best fresh produce in the world, so we work hard with our suppliers to provide fresh local ingredients made or grown right here in Western Australia. We work closely with some of Perth’s finest fresh produce providers, like Mondo’s and Partridges, to ensure we supply a top quality product. Our commitment to working with WA farmers means you’ll be supporting local producers while getting a one-of-a-kind culinary experience!