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So you've heard of Hello Fresh and seen their well-funded marketing blitz, but would prefer to buy local? There are Perth alternatives. You Plate It is a Perth based, and we think better, alternative to Hello Fresh.

Hello Fresh is a leader in the meal kit business. Based in Sydney, and well funded by German investors, they are renowned for their aggressive marketing and plentiful distribution of flyers. But there are alternatives to Hello Fresh.

Pioneers in the Sydney meal kit market, Hello Fresh have a perfectly fine product, but we know it's possible to make a better meal kit, deliver more genuine service, and offer fresher produce. So that's what we do! We're a popular Perth based alternative to Hello Fresh.

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We're Local
  • The first and biggest thing setting You Plate It and Hello Fresh apart is that we're local
  • We're a Perth business, buying from WA farmers and suppliers and delivering a service tailored for life in Perth
  • Along with Dinner Twist, we're a better, local, meal kit choice for Perth
Fresher Local Produce
  • It's not enough to be local, we need to be better than Hello Fresh
  • One of the ways we're better is by providing fresh and locally sourced WA ingredients
  • Hello Fresh have an amazing packing shed in Sydney where their food is prepared and packed. For quarantine, produce is often fumigated before its journey across the Nullarbor
  • We source almost everything from local farmers and family run businesses
We're Small
  • At You Plate It, the owners have a deep and intimate connection to the business.
  • One of our co-founders lives in Manjimup, surrounded by incredible growers and local food producers, we work with local farmers and their agents to source and deliver beautiful fresh local produce that has been grown and packed right here in WA.
  • We hand pick and pack all our kits entirely in Perth - that`s jobs for locals and more support for our local farmers.
Better service
  • As a small business, we can provide a level of service not possible at big businesses like Hello Fresh or big banks (we know because we used to be in big business).
  • You Plate It is big enough to have farm to plate supply chain, but still small enough that it`s the owner of the business who talks with farmers, supervisors our meal kits being lovingly prepared and visits the market early in the morning for the freshest local produce.
  • Send us an email or give us a call and you`ve got a great chance of talking with the owners - we think there is something special about being able to connect with people who care deeply.
Less waste
  • We use carbon neutral, biodegradable packaging to reduce waste and operate a collect and reuse programme on our boxes so you`re not stuck with a growing pile of shipping material
  • Becuase our food is sourced from local suppliers and framers, it travel less distance and has a smaller carbon footprint
  • Like all Hello Fresh alternatives, we reduce food waste by delivering exactly what you need
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