With better packaging and local produce, we're Perth's most environmentally focused recipe kit.

Deliberate and considered action in three key areas:

Mark and Paul (the owners) are passionate about sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. We don’t have shareholders or investors, but we do have kids, and are serious about what we do. This page helps showcase the three key areas we work on: 1) Better packaging 2) Lower carbon emissions 3) Reduced food waste.

Collect and reuse delivery packaging

We collect, sanitise and reuse the box, insulation and ice packs.

Compostable plant based packaging

To keep food fresh and safe, we use compostable materials made from plant based cellulose.

Carbon offset delivery

We have calculated the carbon associated with making the delivery and purchased carbon offsets to help abate carbon from our service.

Our Box

Where it goes? We collect and reuse delivery packaging. Alternatively, it can be placed in your kerbside recycling bin.

Where is it made? Locally manufactured in Perth.

What is it made of? A blend of recycled and virgin kraft paper sourced from sustainable forestry plantations.

Home compostable soft plastics

Where it goes? Home compost or FOGO bin.

Where is it made? Melbourne & Japan.

What is it made of? NatureFlex™ based film derived from sustainable forestry plantations.


Where it goes? We collect, sanitize and reuse this insulation. Alternatively, recycle at REDcycle locations.

Where is it made? Locally manufactured in Perth.

What is it made of? Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE4) with a minimum 20% recycled content. LDPE4 is 100% recyclable.


Where it goes? We collect, sanitize and reuse where possible. Alternatively, dispose gel in your garden and outer plastic in general waste.

Where is it made? Locally manufactured in Perth (by us).

What is it made of? 98% water, 2% non-toxic absorbent polymer. LDPE outer.

Hard shell containers

Where it goes? Containers are FOGO ready.

Where is it made? Taiwan & Japan.

What is it made of? Containers are carbon neutral and made from plant based starch (a combination of corn and beet).

Less food waste than the supermarkets

Our innovative, Perth built, ordering engine minimises our food waste by only sourcing the food we need. Customers minimise food waste by receiving food in the correct portion size.

Every week we are innovating and improving what we do.

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